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Have you ever wanted to write something for FurAffinity, but been frustrated by the BBCode format? Having to use [b] and [i] can be annoying. So, here's something to make it easier. Just enter your formatted text below, hit the button, and get valid FurAffinity markup. Magic!

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I built this to help a friend of mine who is an author on FurAffinity. It takes formatted text and converts it to the BBCode markup used by FurAffinity.

The website does all of the conversion work in your browser - it never sends anything back to any server. Don't worry - your story is safe!

The converter understands the following formatting commands:

It will not process FA-specific codes like (tm) or any inline images/embeds. Note that FurAffinity cannot process nested block quotes. It will also ignore any commands to color text black (this can be an artifact of copy-pasting from certain sources).

The tool will convert all linebreaks into new paragraphs by default (otherwise pasting from Word and Google Docs becomes messy). As part of this, any extra whitespace between paragraphs is ignored. You can uncheck the box marked 'Add paragraph breaks' to turn off this feature.

Developed by anonusr on FA
Source code available on GitHub